Do you plan to open a business? Do not hesitate to contact us ! We have a lot of experience in opening licenses. In addition to the design of the business premises, we also manage the process with the official organizations.

Initially, we make sure that your business is viable by requesting a certificate of urban compatibility, where the town hall reports if the activity is allowed or not.

According to this results, we continue working on the necessary documents in each case: document of community interest, technical report for the Department of Health, Tourism, etc.

If, on the contrary, you’re going to take over an existing business, we will help you obtain the opening license, with a certificate of transfer of ownership.


The energy performance certificate, is a necessary document in case of sale of a real estate (essential to the signing of a notarial deed) and/or long-term rentals.

In order to obtain this certificate, the technician will visit your home and/or premises and proceed to the exhaustive calculation of the energy that is needed to make use of the property. This information is studied and evaluated with improvement measures to achieve a higher rating.


The occupation licence of your home will be easy to obtain with our help. To obtain the occupancy certificate you will need a technical certificate where the compliance with current regulations is guaranteed together with the specific requirements of each population.


If you wish to regularize your property, you may need a technical document, such as antiquity certificates, expert reports, urban reports, etc.

We can also help you get a document of technical inspection for buildings that are 50 years or older, and a book of building which is necessary at the time of notarizing a building of new construction.