You can entrust us with the calculation of structures of what is going to be built, either a new project or a small extension.


Our office is specialized in administrative management in real estate processes, as well as technical advisory of the legal situation of the building.

We also work as a consultancy in reference with procedures with official organizations such as the suma/catastro, town halls, Land Registry, etc.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to ask any questions about your own property or any other property which you are interested in buying.

We make a situation analysis and we can inform you of what must be done in order to update all the registration and/or cadastral documentation.


We carry out your real estate appraisal and a detailed study of the existing market value in the area.


As technicians, we give you the possibility to know the situation before making a decision and what will be the results of your original idea. For this, we carry out a preliminary draft and a design of your house.

We also carry out previous studies of analysis and viability of the project before taking the decision to start with the construction through detailed plans, estimated cost calculations and consultations with the official organizations in order to obtain the work permits.